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Dancing Under the Moon

Laying awake in the cool night I am restless and my thoughts are going a million miles an hour. My thoughts swirling on an art project, the process, the supplies. The image specifics always seem to come later, after the style and "building" process. Drifting off in that building process is what often gets me to sleep. Brick on brick of ideas. As I did so, I smiled at what my mind was doing.

There was a full moon in my design (mural) and I was flashing back on all the times when as a child my father took me out to see a ring of light around the moon. Very seriously he would tell me how this was when the fairies danced. The elves, gnomes and brownies too I would think, but not quite as much. Gnomes are often the grouchy old men of the group, they don't dance much. They do love to watch from the shadows. I, personally had this on good authority as I was the proud owner of the Big Golden Book of Elves and Fairies. (this illustration is from my worn and official book by the way) Everything you need to know! And, my Dad of course. Mom too. Always helping out with twig homes and tiny blankets and pillows I would sew by hand to leave out for them. They would disappear quite often to my delight, so I knew they were being used.

( I'm sure Mom had something to do with that too)

I smiled to myself, thinking about I still always noticed the glow around the moon. I still favor children's book illustrations and stories like the Jungle Book and Peter Pan. What's wrong with a little belief in wonder? In Happily Ever After?

I know the harsh realities of the world around me. I read it every day. I see it on the roads and in the eyes and on the lips of so many. My heart aches at so much that happens and I don't understand how a person, a human, a group- can hate, breed hate, hurt, harm or fight for a cause that supports it. What a sad thing. What a sad way to live.

I think it would be nice to see more heroes- real heroes. They are out there. I personally am lucky enough know several. The world should take more notice- we should push back at those who try to take belief and action in honesty and loyalty away. Those who live in a world of death and hate. As simple as a child's thought, we should take back our wonderments- solidly and completely. Throw away the gross, the crude, the war mongers and the whiners. Demand they change- give them a taste of what I think they all secretly want in life. A dance, under the moon.

I know that's not possible, but it's nice to imagine.

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