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About Me

   This blog is about me- my struggles and growth in the literary and creative worlds, my travels-- my musings on life.

   I was raised in Southern California during the 60's and 70's. A good time for that part of the states. Ranch homes with swimming pools. Orange groves and bicycles, high school and football games. The mountains, the desert and the beach were only an hour away in that time. Boogie boards in the Pacific ocean and climbing trees. Knott's Berry Farm and Disneyland (then, you knew you were close when the Matterhorn could be seen from the freeway.) I was lucky.

   I graduated with an AAS in Graphic Design from the local college and went on to study at Laguna Beach School of Art. While there, I earned my BS in Fine Art with a minor in Color Theory & Design, on scholarship,  working in the library & gallery. I began doing murals, custom stenciling, signage, furniture and faux for interior designers and home owners. My company, Studio Works, did decorative art regionally as well as state to state. Restaurants, model homes, private offices and residences were all in my contracted areas. I donated my work to hospitals, fund raisers and to elementary schools in the area. Working with children on wall murals  and teaching children, teens and adults in my home studio.

   I traveled, going to where the work was and meeting my husband on the freeway on the way (He flirted first!)

   Now, 27 years later, he is no longer in the USMC but still a Marine. Designing and running software for a private company with state contracts and still (thank goodness) chasing his wife around. Our two beautiful children are grown and our dogs are loved more than ever. My daughter Summer's farm cat, Diva, still meows from the loft in our little house. The dog hair still drives me crazy.I don't have a dishwasher and we are on a well so PGE blackouts are giving us a taste of pioneering and a need for off the grid solutions.

   But! there are hundred year old oak trees shading my studio and making a forest on our back hill- bugs I haven't learned the names of, deer, skunks, and a bit farther out of town, bears. Also, sky just beautiful sky as I watch the sunrises from my porch. 

Just a note-oak leaves stick to EVERYTHING! And- I wouldn't change it for the world.         

                                       Thank you for visiting! Jana