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Smashbooking- Let's dig (into) what grounds you...

Smashbooking is a version of art journaling that works with the intuitive creativity in all of us.Books can be used to express and celebrate, ask for help, and in discovering answers. To release things we are stewing over, and take joy in people, life

and this crazy, wonderful world we live in.

Dig What Grounds You? A-Z is the intent in these Smashbooking sessions. 

We can add to our existing Smashbooking journals or start new.

We'll use the alphabet as a page starter....

What grounds you and rests you? What makes you secure, happy, growing? Or who? Now- celebrate that with acknowledging pages or blessing collages. Be aware of all the wonderful everyday things that ground, bless and uplift you. Even down to that smell of coffee with your first cup....

Join me in two Smashbooking sessions:  

Saturday 9-11 AM Pacific

Sept 26th and Sat. October 3rd, 2020

Cost: FREE

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YAY! Let's have fun and learn

Session One- Intent, book cover, landing and resting pages. Or a page if this is existing.

Session Two-

Your grounding factors and, different types of pages (painting,pens,collages,transfers,writing,3D and more) & ways to create them

SUPPLIES: A composition Book, magazines for collaging, paints (water based but craft paints are great! Or acrylics. Felt Pens, pencil, scissors, glue, tape, paint pens etc.


Seascape in Acrylic

Let's Zoom Together and enjoy painting a multi-layer seascape. Coral, seaweed, sunlight thru the water, big fish and little. Seahorses and sea turtles. Maybe even a mermaid.... Using brushes, sponges, stencils and more on canvas. Lots of color and fun. This can be your fantasy canvas and a good place to try new techniques in your painting. 

THREE SESSIONS- MORNINGS Weds October 21-23rd,  8:30-10 AM Pacific 

(Paint and sip coffee/tea, have some art and breakfast? -your choice)


Session One- Background, light and shadows. "Tools for the next week -homework!)

Session Two- Coral, seaweed,rocks and small fish.

Session Three- The main character! Be it a seaturtle (that will be mine) or octopus or?

SUPPLIES: A minimum 11x14 canvas up to 18x24, acrylic paints, brushes (square,detail and filbert- different sizes.) water container, sponges, paint rags or paper towels (I use terrycloth wash towels), acrylic medium/paint drying extender, pencil,soft eraser...

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and I will email a Zoom link and a reminder.

YAY! Let's have fun and learn


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