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Toothbrushes and Joy

It's early, the light outside is still softly etching it's way between the branches of trees across the hwy. The house is abuzz with activity. My daughter, Summer, and her Derik are here. Packing up my truck with skis and chains to head out to Tahoe for the day. Getting in a day on the slopes amid this crazy wet weather and their visit. I watch them back down the driveway and return inside. Its wet and cold and the cat is shut in my bedroom (to keep her exploring right out a door.)

As I enter the bathroom my face twists silently in a smile. Why? There's a Summer toothbrush on my counter and little rings- Summer size. How that sight brings me joy. I'm such a Mom- I think to myself. Geez!

A new job, a condo, a loving, handsome, hard working boyfriend ( 8 years!) I am so happy for her and miss her terribly. I miss all of it- the laundry, the pancake breakfasts, the times when she calls me Momma because she's loving on me too. The crazy rush to sports events, the college applications, the meals, game night- holidays. The get out the door rushes -all of it.

I think of cleaning up on the last day in our old home where I raised the kids, sweeping up glitter in my empty studio. How many times had I done that? Or seed beads? Hair bands and tape for soccer and more. It was a bittersweet sight to me then, a crooked smile of memories dusting my floor edges that brought waves of emotions both sad and happy. Blessed in the knowledge of children who are heathy and wonderful and whom I love.

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