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Demo Days on the Kenskill Trailer

A year and a half ago I was cruising thru garden ads on Facebook Marketplace (very addicting by the way. Much better than Craigslist) and saw a unmentioned photo in an ad that was a vintage trailer. I texted and yes it was for sale. It was delivered (I didn't have a big enough tow vehicle) and sat for all this time. Waiting to be a guest cottage on our property. It arrived just as my husband, Rob, was in the hospital for high blood pressure and all my thoughts were in that arena but I knew that this was the one. A1965 22 foot park model. So here it sat till I started demo. Walls of paneling with layers of paint. Water damage from windows that need to be resealed, and the scary plumbing and wiring are all down inside.

I am rebuilding most of the cabinetry but kept the great turquoise sinks, the shower and beds with drawers and some upper cabinets that weren't ruined by water damage or just owners who did not respect it. So here it is, the photo history of demo day(s). It did take about a week.

Happily, I found no major framework problems. Some floor repair and replacement where the toilet pipes went out (we are going green with this as the trailer will be stationary) and at the door due to water damage over time. One back corner needs a new frame piece or two and in other places I will add some for more strength and to support the cabinetry I am restoring in a much better way. Total electric re-wiring and new water lines. One of the two beds will go from a cot size twin to a full mattress. I am building out the side facing backward when it's permanently parked. No stove, just a toaster oven, a nice coffee machine and a frig. I thought a lot about how much it would cost me to get the stove and frig restored and whether I would still worry about them being used and made that decision to go new but retro and build them in just as the originals had been. Stainless with wood and white thru out the trailer. I'm happy at that decision, it's clean and bright and kind of timeless. Mid Century hints thru out also due to year it was built. So, after I get past this dusty, yucky demo part and start restoring and rebuilding I'll find my happy place. It does feel good to know that things will be new and clean and right. I still can't wait to get to the finishing and decorating though! It's like a little dollhouse or playhouse and I think that's why so many others as well as myself, love vintage trailers.

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