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Finding a Vintage Tiny House- 1965 Kenskill Trailer

I found a trailer on Craigslist. A tiny photo at the end of a garden rusty junkin' page. Bought to use as a tiny house in a not yet bought piece of property in Colorado. They founds a home instead so I get the benefit! A 1965 Kenskill. Started out with the idea of restoring and pulling it until I realized the weight was approx. 4280! Whew! I had it delivered to the property so it really didn't hit home till afterwards.It was definitely a park model and had all the original turquoise appliances and sinks (keeping!) and of course the metal and very heavy water heater and water tank. Those will go first along with the decision to make it a fab guest cottage on the property instead. Now, covered, cleaned and ready to start, it is waiting till spring for a restore and repurposing.

Spring has turned into the summer of Covid and into the fall. Leaves are covering the ground and acorns bombard our metal roof like loud rocks from above. It's been a year and a half since the Kenskill buy. FINALLY! I am cleaning out the chairs and christmas decor that was stored inside. A storage attic in the garage has been finished (for those things) and my shop is ready to use- so here we go!

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