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Finding a Vintage Tiny House- 1965 Kenskill Trailer

Updated: Mar 29

I found a trailer on Craigslist recently. A 1965 Kenskill. Starting out with the idea of restoring and pulling it until I realized the weight was approx. 4280! Whew! It was definitely a park model and had all the original turquoise appliances and sinks and of course the metal and very heavy water heater and water tank. Those went first along with the decision to make it a fab guest cottage on the property instead. Now, covered, cleaned and ready to start, it is waiting till spring for a restore and repurposing.

It will be a fun restore. A lot of work but, a worthwhile end. We need to rework and rerun all the electric and water lines. Put in an on demand water heater. Re butyl tape all the windows. Make the walls and ceiling water tight and repaint the outside. Going with chrome, black and white I think! Inside, we will rebuild the sink and stove area. Put up new walls. Patch, paint. New wood floors and counters. A new build on the dining table. Re upholster the fabulous click clack couches (which are original!) Those themselves were a find. Bump out a tiny room for a bedroom and restore/rebuild the full bath. I think we are going mid century mod with wood and chrome and brass. White, black and wood inside will look clean. I am looking forward to it!

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