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Western States Caravan of Sisters (on the Fly)

It's early and still cool as I travel the pass from Auburn, CA to Reno, NV. Tahoe is blue and clean, briskly beautiful as I drive the pass.

Here we go! 600 women traveling from across the US to Gonzales,TX to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of Sisters on the Fly Adventure Club. I find my caravan of Sisters in Reno, gas up and we are off with walkies and coffee and anticipation. I was lucky enough to design the tees and decals for our fun 3 week trip too!

The Nevada desert is plain and rocky. The mountains beautiful but the lack of foliage in the rocky soil makes it bleak at times. We stay in Tonopah- a tiny town with a casino/restaurant that allows us free parking overnight.

My group, 6 strong, with others joining us along the way is one of many. I get a kick out of others watching us drive in or out, commenting on the trailers and asking about our trip. Small mining type towns in the middle of nowhere. Of course one must stop at a Area 51 Shop to gas up and look at tourist buys, along with lunch. Not in Rachel, NV as we were going down the 95 but fun. There's a themed Cathouse (brothel) in the back too :0)

Night 2 and we are in Las Vegas. That one is OFF my bucket list! Crazy as LA. Whew! At one point the two groups we had divided into passed each other on the freeway in opposite directions! Ha- Thank goodness our fearless leaders keep going and got us to our destination. Oasis RV Resort. A nice place but the gate guard that checked and shuffled us to regulated parking and a massive bldg to sign in was actually a bit scary. My little trailer had to be checked to see if it was nice enough for the front- because it's "old'. That was a first for me, though I have heard of others getting rejected from camping due to a vintage trailer. Glad this was not the case. The next morning we were off to Gallup, NM as a big storm was making its way into Phoenix we chose a longer but safer route. The Gallup KOA was great. USA RV Park.

The skies were beautiful as we drove each day. My art heart was painting as I drove and that's a happy thing as it hadn't been open for business for a while.

10-4 check in on the walkies- and the Garmins are going! I bring up the rear, happy to let others lead. The caravan gets better divided into 2 groups of 3 as we drive. Meeting up for lunch and at night.

Las Cruses MN has a really nice KOA on a hill over looking the lights of the city. We join others on their way to Texas too. Meeting new Sisters- two of whom live quite close to me.

Always a plus.

Here we are in Las Cruses, New Mexico

Then, on to Fort Stockton, TX and more Sisters. We rise early and get on the road southeast toward our celebration point-Gonzales,TX!

All the way down the city streets Gonzales welcomed us with signs. How cool is that?

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