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A Week in Gonzales and Texas itself

So, we made it! Under beautiful blue skies too. Miles on the highways and a personal lead car to guide us to the Gonzales fairgrounds as the 3 Garmins (and their owners) were having trouble navigating! A couple of women in a little coupe offered to guide us over- they knew just who we were- and happily we were close and we arrived in line and before dark. Time to set up and rest.

We are a day early so tomorrow when most are checking in, it will be a head out of town day. Toward famous Round Top where all the antiquing and junking is. I can't wait. Missing the busy crazy is not so bad! When we returned we toured thru the fairgrounds on our rented golf carts (so fun! Like Autopia at Disneyland. LOL) filled with all the wonderful trailers done up by the Sisters. Some new, some vintage, all fun!

We have tours of San Antonio, Texas Dance Halls and Painted churches and themed dinners in the big fairgrounds hall. Time to meet new gals and hug those I haven't gotten to enjoy in a long while.

So here we go! It's only over 100 degrees outside (breaking humidity and heat records), and that is broken only by wind and quick rain storms with some good lightening in the distance. Whoop! we are in Texas!

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