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A Tour of my Studio

When we moved to northern California in January of 2017, I set about trying to figure out just how this little home was configured. I decided my home studio used to be the breezeway between the garage and our home. Past owners had finished it into a room with a triple slider on one end and a big window and door opposite it. Light shown in so wonderfully and a view out onto my side porch and my oaks made it private and serene. It just said art studio even to Rob, my husband, as we toured for the first time. I painted it white and added kitchen cupboards found on Craigslist for a couple hundred dollars.

My beautiful propane tank light over my desk was done by a friend. Angela sells out every year at Round Top Texas and you can see why. Such a small example of all she creates!

My curtains are vintage 50's barkcloth. A passion of mine that shows up at home and within my sewing projects.

This is what it looked like when we moved in. I expanded the closet to make a laundry and added better lighting for my artwork.

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