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Our Trailer's "Trip" Interior


Applied a daisy border to the curtains and topped off the far wall with a metal map. Adding magnets as we go to mark destinations we have explored. Great find at Hobby Lobby! Covered the original stove cap lid in wood. The chrome was ruined, but it is only attached with silicone so if I ever get bothered I can take it off. Added a small chain to hold it open while cooking- ready to go! Rob put up some vintage cup hooks I found- Yay! Everything stays as we cruise down the hwy now.

Rob and I have decided that leaving the bed out, at least one of them, while it's just the two of us is a win win. I top it off with a vintage chenille bedspread and pillows. It's nice to look in and not only see a table to eat at, but a real bed, not one I have to make or is pushed aside for day use. We also made the little breakfast table we can eat at over the sofa area, and use the dinette as the bed. This seems to work the best. I admit, this is more "me". Comfortable and simple. Not so shabby girly. I am "jeans & tennis shoes" after all.I did pretty good on the table too, and it can be stored if needed.

Still happy with the white chenille pillows,but, found a butter yellow chenille spread instead of the thin white. Nice.Washable and soft. Couldn't believe I found a matching metal shelf from the 60's to match opposite the one by the door. Also a 60's caddy with a set of fabulous glasses! They have that "grippy" feel like the spagetti glasses from my childhood.

I've never really been a rose girl though I do like Shabby- more of a wildflower girl, so daisies, especially with the 60's West Coast things, seem to work great and they are sprinkled throughout the trailer.



Yay! I managed to win a vintage chrome toaster on Ebay for a decent price. Boy, heavy! Works great and will be a good breakfast addition for the little shelf above the frig. AND a vintage chrome electric coffee pot for easy breakfast with the toaster.

The cream and sugar was a must have too-love the little blue floral.

Also traded out the floral and reds outside and in-, and went to all blues. It feels "beachier!"

Found a great gal on Etsy who makes felt fake food. Bought some pieces for rally set ups just because the little girl in me still loves "tea parties". Her shop, Felt Fakery Bakery is on my links page.

Original Interior Photos at Purchase


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