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As I finished my restoration on my first vintage trailer- a lovely 1967 Streamline and camped more and more, I realized i needed something smaller. (and i needed a new project ;0) Again, Craigslist to the rescue and the source of all projects. I found a 1958 Ratzlaff Tent Camper. Very unusual and a barn find in northern Cali. I had it trucked down and it rests happily in the garage. Less than 1,300 lbs and so cute. Not done but not to be given up.

I've continued to attend rallies and shows as well as camp with my groups. Sisters on the Fly and Tow Girlz. My main trailer being the longer heavier Streamline until I could finish the Ratzlaff which I've dubbed "Jade Gypsy". 

Then came my SOTF Rte 66 trip and it's dramatic end for me- a jack knife outside of Kingman,AZ and a flip to my side where I rode it out by hanging on to my steering wheel and thinking, Wow, Wow Wow.. After releasing my safety belt, dropping, and calling 911. I was rescued by two truckers, one of whom was a first responder, out of my totalled Xterra and so sadly-my also totalled Streamline! RIP to work and shows and adventures. Towed to Seligman- the inspiration for Disney's Cars movie where it rests till it's taken away. I guess it was poetic justice that it happened on 66. (At least that's what I tell myself.) Also, how lucky and protected I was to survive it with some really beautiful bruises and no breaks.The sounds of them sliding my beautiful trailer off the hwy haunt me- I couldn't look and kept thinking if the ladies in my group saw, they would be so frightened. and they- they were just worried about me. As was my family, and I was worrying the entire time about them. That's love I guess.

  After some rest at home and time with family, I set about looking for a new vehicle and a trailer. I actually thought my husband would say that's the end of the trailers but he in stead said- "You were happy and going. So keep doing it" (I think I'll keep him) My final pick was a great 08 Tacoma TRD Prerunner with a cooling/tow package.

Then the Ebay, Craigslist search started for a trailer. Partly to keep me occupied after my wreck and so I wouldn't feel all the crazy things I was feeling- like anxiety at hitting bumps in the road and guilt on the money ( which turned out fine). So I'd look forward rather than backward and relish the adventure I had had and the things I'd learned. So I did- and partly for the love of the game. The hunt, the conquest and the joy of a restore. Weeks later, a local ad found me putting down a deposit on this great '68 Kencraft. 16 ft and with a maple interior, all original working appliances (a find right there) and the coolest fiberglass front ,back and roof. Lowering leak probablity to almost zero and giving me a trunk in the rear for batteries and my tables and chairs for outdoors. The mid- century design is a huge plus with it's rock guard and the shapes, like the atomic.star on the back and the tailights.

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