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First Rally; TRAILERFEST  Lodi, CA  May 2012

The second week of August we took off up the Grapevine( 8 Hours-loved the blacktopping and one lane but we made it!) to Lodi where we stayed at Tower Park Marina and KOA for a rally sponsored by VCT (Vintage Camper Trailers). We got there a bit slim of the wine tasting and appetizers on Friday night but set up and were up at 7:30 AM for the pancake breakfast. A walk around the grounds the night before was filled with lit trailers and fun awnings and accents. On grass and under large trees, it was a great setting.

That morning and afternoon was filled with touring visitors and of sneak aways to see all the other great trailers. There were some amazing restores and models. Autos and trucks to match (something we plan on in the future- an appropriate vehicle) and in addition, a small classic car rally on the lawn by the pool. Saturday also was an Hawaiian

 festival with booths and dancers put on by the KOA.

So here we are (above)


I can't give name credit to many of these so I will just add that they are examples of many!



 The fun toaster below was run on bicycle power and whizzed all over the campground.

Sunday morning was still kind of wet and sticky weather wise but we had met people and learned things and are ready to dive in again in a couple of months. Inspirations!

Sequoia National Park & Kings Canyon  May 2012

After our rally adventure in Lodi, we took the 99 South to Three Rivers on the 198 in CA. There we stayed for two nights at Sequoia RV Ranch on the Kern River. Big trees, lots of wildlife and birds. Pleasant neighbors who came by to visit and ask about the trailer. As we drove up, it was empty in the spaces on both sides. About 3 PM a HUGE RV, literally a steamship, drove in on our window side. I was sitting on the sofa and had to laugh at the size comparison and how the wall of the monster looked as it cruised by, filling the whole window. Not my thing at all- wow- wouldn't want to drive it, but the company was polite and nice.

The river was cool and a fishing and swimming hole were nearby.



Had burgers that night on my fun little pig BBQ Grill from World Market. Just right for two.

About 12 charcoal bricks and we're ready to go!

 Kaweah River on 198 towards Sequoia National Park



Stopped and climbed down the side of the road for a picnic of graham crackers,

trail mix and Gatorade on the rocks.

After climbing back up to the Xterra, we heard an exclamation by the girl taking photos from the car next to ours. As we looked back to where we had just been, a bear came rambling about, sniffing the air and

crossing right to our picnic spot.


 The twisty, slim road leading up and through Sequoia is a feat of skill and labor. Wonderful rock walls along the edge were being rebuilt or added too.

I can't imagine what it took to cut them into the mountainsides originally.


Never waked through a tree before...



Amazing magnificent and awe inspiring. We kept being so struck by the color of them and the sheer weight of not only the huge trunks but the upper limbs as well.

(and yes, I was speaking of the trees, not my Rob! LOL)

After driving through both parks, we took a back road to our trailer, "Dry River Road" which had great scenery as well as many many ranches. So many for such a twisty winding road we were surprised. It must be so dark at night but I bet they know their way enough to barrel up!

Rob banked those corners like he was on his cycle, while I gripped my handle bar and we were almost taken out by a old truck with a horse trailer coming just as fast on the other side. I caught a glimpse of a native American man as he passed, tight lipped and annoyed. Rob thought I was crazy asking him to slow down, till he saw the proof in my video!


 After reaching 198 toward Three Rivers again, we stopped at Slick Rock by the Reservoir there.

A great swimming hole. 4.00 a day to park and play.


There was camping in the valley too.

Tuesday morning we drove home and took a day to unpack and catch up. 

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