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I have cleaned, resealed (with Elmer's Wood Repair) and will put a thin new sub floor on my Jade. Funny how the smell of sanded wood, paint and even Elmer's makes me feel happy, and full of accomplishment. Not that I'm sniffing it, but, it does bring me back to so many projects and even to school and the Art Institute. The family and I are painting travel quotes and grafitti (our own art and symbols of love etc) as kind of a blessing on the sub floor after it goes in. The thought that it is there to travel with me under the flooring like a secret, is fun and comforting. I am looking at perhaps plank oak or bamboo flooring and am restoring the boxes under the bed frames with bead board and wood to match the floors along the top. Recon for hinges has educated me and I am finding sources and ideas for a security cupboard or box as well. As I have the little frame so broken down, it's the perfect time to fit things in without altering the look of my project and staying true to the original build. Also a wooden step I can use for both the trailers.

Getting ideas on final paint for the outside and concepts for the name and floral I want on the front too. Perhaps Marine/boat paint is a consideration as it's pretty tough and can be brush applied- at least till the final clear coat. I want to edge the bottom and over the wheel wells with wood- stained- also, so it's been an education to look up how to apply wood in the restoration of Woody autos- I think mine is much easier!

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