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Interior Ideas for The Jade Gypsy- my Tent Trailer

My idea photos for my overall look and some finds I couldn't help but have. My little Jade is so small I have to be careful with what I get, esp in terms of cooking and serving. I am going with naturals, tassles, fringe and vintage fabric toss pillows.  Beadboard along the lower sections as I rebuild with a wooden floor and counters/box tops. White and wood. Kind of gypsy, Morrocan and vintage diner- if that makes any sense at all! I am a HUGE fan of Wilendur textiles so their floral tablecloths and napkins are a base for those. Jade green is my main accent color and I found Dallasware Melmac dishes I love. I found these two sweet wooden folding tables for outside, to go with a future "must have" canvas and wood sling chairs. Or perhaps all wood- still doing recon!

I've had the fun of tracking down a metal tray for the kitchen area- extra safety when cooking- I intend to lean it behind the little one burner stove. I am also looking into the new induction stoves as an item that is a lot safer and faster to use. Loving my little electric burner though and the coffee pot! I've set aside some great "Boho" gypsy fabric with the intent of mixing it with the vintage. I'm wanting curtains available for the bed areas on each side but also that can be removed if wanted. tassles are a must of course in a gypsy trailer! and, I found a "muse". I call her Jade and she's 5 in. tall so will fit in my tiny kitchen. I am loving her shirt and colors- ceramic. I also was happy to nab a vintage but seemly unused Thermos for tea and coffee and have my eyes on an ice bucket that matches. Beyond what will fit in the side boxes- which will namely be lanterns and food and bedding- I think, unfortunately, I'm tapped out of space.

My first buy was a small office or stationary box of wood which I am very proud of. Handbuilt in Florida by a NASA engineer who was selling off his estate items. I was told by the seller, who bought it from him, that he said he used it in his auto for years and I love that she took the time to relate it's story and history to me.

I also found new but great chairs to go with my wooden side tables for outside. Well made and very mid Century- I might have to use them for shows with the Streamline too!

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