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Now the outside- Wildflower.

I found a seller on Ebay to create a steel cutout of my trailer name to be hung on the back after painting and I am very happy with the result. Also, had the local RV dealer weld a new front fork on for me. Safer and lockable. The old was backed into by the previous owner and I had to use a hammer to open the hitch. I really didn't mind but my uber safety brain switched into high gear after the jack knife. PTSD thoughts of losing the trailer, or myself are not that bad, rather just make me a better trailerite (and I'm sticking to that!) The steel name will be painted chocolate like the rest of the frame and bumpers.  I found some cute metal numbers in the mailbox section of Lowe's to add to the trunk. My Sisters-on-the-Fly membership number. It's been several years since my first trip and 3 since I joined. I'm 4487 and now, over 7,000 women belong. What a jump! It's been a journey and a discovery and so worth it. Friends, photography, experiences,travels and I'm just getting started. It's all affected my art, my life and myself in a positive way and I'm loving the adventures! (The artwork below is my concept of the name with painted framing and flowers)

Now the long process of stripping then polishing the aluminum before painting the trailer.

What a job! But so worth it. You can see the before sections in the above photos and some of my polished (Flitz and Mothers aluminum mag polish are working well) eyebrows for above the windows. I lessened the little dings on the sides with Bondo and sanded. Base coated the areas in white auto paint which I will use on the sides with the fiberglass being done in yellow (also auto paint) from TCP Global. Yes- I HAD to paint a little yellow to see what it would look like! So things are moving along.
Repainting the funny (not original but I think some old Dodge) hubcaps with some yellow as well. The trailer came with some functional but funky mud flaps. They are pretty dry and starting to crack on the upper edge, but I love all the crazy reflectors on them. I think I will replace and re apply the reflectors on the new flaps, painting them white like the old.

Here are before and after shots of the mud flaps. I'm happy after adding the yellow. White just didn't look right and really didn't spruce them up as much as I'd like. Gotta have some fun!

Repaired the rotted floor of the back trunk too. I sealed, painted and lined with tile like the interior.  Then, rebuilt the door completely, with oak and a aluminum front and edges, the old being rotting wood inside a banged up aluminum frame. I was intimidated by getting the locks right. They had to go in and get tightened at an angle as Rob and i had flipped the outer frame of the trunk to repair it and get a new edge for the long hinges. It worked but the inner lip was a bit different. I managed though and feel like a rockstar now that it's stronger and looks so much cleaner. New chains and I am  ready to go!

Had to put on my sign from Trip (my Streamline i lost in the wreck) because i am "Still Trippin!" I also found some great vintage aluminum letters and numbers about 3 inches high to add my SOTF number to the back trunk door too. Almost to artwork!

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