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The beginning was not the best of ideas- to sand the dry old 50 year stain and poly off in the drought dry heat of a Southern California summer. My daughter drove up the drive from college one of the weekends and exclaimed,"Mom! Get out of there! are you crazy?" I looked like a figure from a Mad Max movie- goggles, hanky across my mouth like a bandit and dust swirling out the open windows like a sandstorm. But! I got it done and with soft sponge in hand, re-stained the interior with a Summer Oak stain and  then applied 2-3 coats of Oil Modified Polyurethane. (Water clean-up and low on smell.) It worked beautifully and I am quite proud of all my hard work. I replaced the floor with Apple green VCT Tiles from Home Depot (online purchase).

( In the midst of it above)

I decided to wallpaper the little water closet in a grass cloth look and trim with rope. The idea of sanding in there was too much and it seemed nice to have a bit of change.  I also inset a cute oak shelf I found into the wall as it's back went into my clothes closet. Vintage lace with sewn on drops for the little window, some mid century fish and I'm happy!

The walls of my kitchen area are sanded and cleaned. I was missing tiles so I removed them all. keeping the original counters intact. The walls i did in New Tilez.12x12 stick on backsplash tiles that I just loved for their look and ease of application. So far so good- they are staying wonderfully. (A Pinterest find) Also spray painted with white auto paint all the metal vents and mag racks etc.

After poly on the walls I hand cut and stenciled  with artists acrylics a mod inspired floral on the entry wall and on the door to the toilet. Poly-ed over the top when done, and eventually on the ceiling over the sink where I got a bit boho and hung a colorful little chandelier. It shines so bright at night and I love the many colored drops.

Fabric selections going full steam. The bright wildflower fabric i found reminds me of hikes in Big Sur and early spring in California. I am not a rose person and this spoke to me so much. This trailer is mine, top to bottom so instead of worrying if it would be appropriate for a mid century etc etc, I went with what i loved and have a nod to the age instead.

Found a vintage table cloth to cut in two for kitchen curtains and some great etched chrome coffee and tea canisters. I repainted the stove hood, thankful to actually find avocado green in a spray and happy at the thought of working appliances thru-out! That was a find.

I happily dropped $100 dollars on a memory foam twin mattress- replacing the hard, original sofa foam that was on the back couch. It will be upholstered in the stripe after I cut it into 2 sections, smaller for the back. So cool how they ship to you all squished and compact, only to expand into a lovely soft bed! Well worth it after time spent on other bedding.

 So electric all re-run (outside help) and new stabilizer bar, new front fork with bracing and new propane tanks- I'm feeling much cleaner, safer and in possession of my little gem.

Onto the outside building and painting on page Ken-craft 3;

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