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Artist Roads 

Ramblings about Travels, Trailers & Paintings

Joshua Music Fest; Oct '14 Children's Mural & Art Auction

Off again to Joshua Tree, to head up the children's mural, listen to music under the stars and create a piece of 3x3 ft art for the art auction on Sunday that benefits the music programs at local schools.. It's getting better every year with more involvement, building (second story on the pizza place!) and odder but more wonderful costumes and displays. Corey and Rob came out on the second & third days. I managed a bucket list item and did my first solo "pull" and set up of my Streamline! Met some great people too- we are planning for next October!

The Good Hope Super Hero Mural

Paint drops and plywood. Another mural for Good Hope Elementary. It's HOT in May and school is almost done but we work in last minute art for the graduating sixth graders. The 3 B's- Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be Safe- and the Marvel Heroes they use to inspire the kids to remember them.

 I cut out comic blocks for each section with signage plywood. Portables are covered in a slatted look wood and are hard to paint murals on. So we prime and paint and attach the mural like the original one I did several years before. The kids, probably game to be out of class, were  excited too about having new art for their school and blacktop area.

My son, Corey and Sis-in-law Amanda, help me with guidance and a watchful eye on the ever changing groups routing to me and the tables a kind janitor set under the shade for us.Once screwed into the wall like a puzzle, I realize how stinkin big this really is. How hot the blacktop is and that despite being ill, and older and hot- well- it looks good. The kids will be happy and a huge hug from Principal Mallory is so worth the time! I'll be back next year for another wall I hope- just EARLIER!

Kelly, Amanda's daughter, helps Corey with the touch up during the install. Almost done!

Original mural from 2010

Joshua Tree Music Fest Artist 2014

So here I am, painting in 100 degree heat at the Music Fest. My brother Micah and his fiance, Amanda came to visit and help me for the day. Her daughter Emma also, along with this little girl, whose family was at the festival. The grounds were dry and so HOT but I kept out of the heat a bit by painting the background wall early in the morning when the sun was still rising. In the afternoon & evenings, I painted under my awning and could listen to all the bands (we were in the front row of campers). The last night we were there a huge wind kicked up. With our whole little trailer rocking Rob and I got up and took  the awning & tapestries down in the darkness, I was so afraid  of them getting ripped. (Thank you husband) The next morning  we finished up the mural in the cool morning.and packed to home.  I wish it could have been that way on Friday & Saturday! The event planners had my mural by the lake, saying that was the place for a mermaid.  I loved that everyone was so helpful and happy. They were all working together to share an experience & some good times & music. So many passersby offered warm compliments too.

Loved this "Festival Truck" that was there. The owner was so fun to visit with. Artistic and creative. Also this great decorated swing set!

Completed my first (Bucket List) solo pull with the trailer. Actually Corey came along and helped me set up camp but we were proud of ourselves!

Highway  One  From Santa Cruz South

Spent a week driving from Santa Cruz,CA down to the Kite Festival in Morro Bay. What an adventure. Filled with coastline that is beyond words, views of homes that no one deserves to live in, considering it seemed like views of Heaven to me. Tours of Santa Cruz's Boardwalk, beach line and more. Elkshorn Slough by Moss Landing near Monterey and hiking the redwoods. I zip lined! (Bucket List!)

We started ( Husband, Rob, was my travelin' companion) our adventure by camping a couple nights in Felton at the Santa Cruz Redwoods RV Resort. Very clean and nice. Toured the Mystery Spot and zip lined through the Redwoods- what a day! Not scary and quite an experience. I am ready to do it again. Redwood Canopy Tours hosted us in a wonderfully beautiful setting. Very safe too.

The pier and Boardwalk at Santa Cruz were amazing. I love the feel of the city with surfers, artists, quaint "Grammie" homes and Victorian mansions.

Then drove on to the Big Sur area and experienced a pontoon tour with Elkshorn Slough Safari Tours. Filled with sea and wildlife. Otters, seals, birds, sea lions and so much more. Well worth the cost. The Captain and crew were educated and fun. Photos galore for future paintings!  By the way,did you know a group of otters is called a Raft?.

Camped at Fernwoods RV Resort in Big Sur.

Cruised Hwy One and walked Pt Lobos also on the way back to camp.

Wild turkeys gobbled their way between the campers at night there, lending an echoing sound to the dark nights. We woke up early (my internal clock) and had a hike up to the Falls at  Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park and the one at the beach. Julia Pfeiffer Falls. Tumbling down onto the sands,  the beach created by a landslide across the Hwy in the 80's, it is a view that few can out do. I can't even digest the idea that where my feet were standing was once the porch or landing of a home.

On down the Hwy to end up at Morro Bay and the Kite Festival. Stayed right on the beach at Morro Dunes RV and could walk to the area by the docks that was so nice. Clam chowder in bread bowls, fish-n-chips. Corona beers. I was packed, done and asleep! We could walk to the rock too. The famous Morro Bay rock, which is actually what is left of a volcano. All the outsides having worn away, this is the plume of lava bubbled up and turned into rock. At one time (you can still see the marks on the land side) it was even quarried- I can't imagine. Winds at the Fest kept us as observers but a good end to a great trip! A stop in Buellton for dinner at Anderson's Pea Soup (Sept. Rally location) and we made it home after traffic down the 101 on Saturday eve tired and happy.

Trailer Additions

  This is my trailer at the Palm Springs Vintage Trailer Show. With it's new weighted pole supports (aluminum umbrella stands weighted with plaster and cross support poles, also in aluminum) and front rock guard awning, which I love.

Found my second and third tapestry to hang with my surf sun one along the awnings edge. It was so nice to wake up in the morning and be able to sit out under the awning and have a bit of privacy as well as a softening of morning sunlight as it shown through the fabric rather than glare at you. Now I will have sun an & moon & ocean, pretty appropriate with my West Coast surf theme.The trailer is starting to feel like my little vacation home. We figure out new solutions or better ways to camp each time. I am towing it around quite bravely and soon will be backing it up (something added to my New Year's resolutions).

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