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Overnite Among the Rocks  Joshua Tree June 2013

Off to Joshua Tree for a quick overnight! Good thing we've got fans.
The best part is the evening with an amazingly clear night of stars and a sunrise hike!
A quiet site right up against the rocks in Belle Campground. What a deal for 10.00 a night and the entry 10.00.
We finally tried out my Bananagram game- and loved it.
Played for hours (I can actually win sometimes) They always kick my rear at Boggle! Hot dogs and shrimp on the BBQ and some frozen mixed drinks- that's a good eve by the campfire.
Early morning hike before a lazy game or two. I think part of my love of the place is the monumental feeling of the rocks and the way they thrust themselves like sculptures out of the ground.The patterns and the way they rest precariously against each other for support; forming arches and trails, caves and cracks.  Statements of time and how they will probably outlast us all. Its also the very colors. The blue of the sky against the warm tans of the granite, the green of the spiky Joshua trees.
 There were even some cactus flowers still lingering around.
Corey tried out his backwards crab climb - successful only to a point (where Mom called out for him to stop or he might fall and die) being as he was attempting to go up and not climb down.

Spring Break at San Clemente State Beach 2013

 Over the Spring Break we traveled over to San Clemente and camped at the state park there. The RV side with full hook ups was somewhat congested with no bushes in between many of the sites but all were clean and well paved. The bathrooms also housed showers and an outside sink

(on the dry camping side) for wash ups.

  The weather was cool and a rain shower is certainly on the way but the evening walk down the steep hillside to the beach was beautiful and a night of Boogle and campfire marshmallow roasting was a hit! 

( The path down to the beach and the day use picnic area above)

I painted Eucalyptus trees while the rest of the family escaped to Barnes & Noble with claims they did not have enough reading materials (Subway lunch found it's way back to camp- not roughing it.)      The next morning we successfully tested the theory that pancakes are good camping food and hot coffee was even better. Earlier, by the soft morning sunlight- I found a mermaid sleeping in my trailer.

I think she might of snuck up the trail during the last rays of sunset the evening before.

 Just a theory mind you, but mermaids are known to do such things....

  You go right under the California "Coaster" train tracks to hit the beach,

reminding me of one of my tin signs in the trailer.


 Found a vintage RV at the campground. The young man who's father owned it said it was a 1969 and that his Dad was an avid collector of "vintage". He followed me on his bike almost back to our site- kids are funny like that.

Not quite liking the colors but the body shape is supreme and I viewed it with a bit of envy, thinking of all the fun things you could do with a restoration.


 Every time we camp at a new location, I take the time to walk the campground and see the best sites. I take along my campground map (the one they give you to mark your reservation and show you where to go) and mark off the good sites with circles and stars for the better privacy or view. I need to start a notebook of them for future reservations.

San Clemente is definitely a place we'd like to see again.

 (The above was a shot I found online- nice colors. Photo shopped I'm sure but I like it)

The train tracks along shore....

Palm Springs Modernism Week February 2013

(Setting up on Friday for the Vintage Trailer Show)

 Wow! What a weekend! The skies were blue and a background of rocky mountains and nearby snow was perfect with the palms along Palm Canyon Drive. We were lucky enough to be chosen to show at the Vintage Trailer Expo for Modernism Week and were quite overwhelmed at the visitor response. Each trailer, and there were 21 of them, was being toured at a constant rate all day. I stood for 8 hours I think on Saturday and till 3 PM on Sunday. Without our great volunteers who stood by our sides (and that of our trailer) from the Modernism group, I think it would have even been crazier! 4-8 people constantly. Whew! all were really kind, interested and delightful. It made it all worth while. I also drove up and back for the first time and feel a lot more trusting of my skills as a trailer "puller". My great find on Ebay of the vintage side mirrors was the thing! I can see! A miracle!



The green RV (top photo) with the quirky shape had a great interior too- very crazy bright outside though. My reaction would be to use a color like that for trim or your interior. Just think of the possibilities! Good license plate though; "FRM MARS". LOL

Loved this RV below shown by Funky Junk Farms.It was HUGE inside. Boy, could you go on adventures in this magic bus!



 After getting settled on Friday, we walked the main part of Palm Springs. Had a beer or two at the Coconut Bar (good) and toured some galleries. Seeing many contemporary works and wonderful vintage furniture and decor shops. We also stopped at the original Spanish Plaza there and walked in the little Chapel where we were married 25 years before. It was still there and the son-in-law of the gal that married us was working. He blessed our marriage for us (so nice) and let us take some photos.


It topped the day, along with a great dinner at  The Village Pub where we sat outside on the patio with heaters and fire pit tables. Moroccan Chicken!

 Saturday night we attended the dance and awards at Club Trinidad. Great band, though very loud. The Purple Room is a private Lounge so it is quite confusing to have to sign in and it was VERY dark. So dark we couldn't see the silly little handwritten drink menu (though good drinks) and didn't get a chair (though we RSVP ed) so my shopping for a vintage trailer outfit kind of went to nil. If you can't see your hand in front of your face.... Oh well- the night was saved by the attendance of my brother, Micah and his girlfriend, Amanda ( who both looked amazing) and our escape to the Village Pub again where live music played and we managed to secure our own fire pit table and visit the night away. 2 Am and I was out like a light. Sunday was long and warm and windy. We didn't dare try for the awning being out again but the visitors and help were again a gain and a pleasure. Very different experience from a Rally but fun all the same. I didn't even have a chance to photo the crowds! I am very glad we went.


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