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Benton Hot Springs Benton Ca (Pop 154)

Over the end of April I traveled up the 395 in CA to Benton Hot Springs above Bishop.The trip was a long 6 hours but  I caravaned with 2 lovely ladies, Donna & Valerie who were also camping with our group; Sisters on the Fly. What an amazing place. Family owned, now run as a  non-profit, the hot springs have been in their posession since the 1800's. The Inn, built many years ago, is done in spanish tile and stucco. Saltillo tile floors, heated by the hot springs throughout and vintage furnishing and accents give a homey comforting feel. Breakfasts in the kitchen, which are given to the Inn guests, as my friend Valerie found, are filled with unique discussions of the history and people of this place. In the campgrounds where I was, groups of campers could enjoy continously filled cement "tubs" from the hot springs. An approx. 91 degrees that are cleaned and run again for each new guest or group. We soaked, visited, ate, hiked up to the family graveyard on the hill behind us. I took my first fly fishing lesson and trip. I met amazing wonderful wacky laughing women, and came home tired (exhausted) happy and fullfilled.

We spent a day learning our first fly fishing techniques. First at a park in Bishop where we practiced casting. My laughing partner, Judy (seen eating one of the fish I caught- a cookie!) relied on a simple recipe for where to put your pole. First at "Hello" as if you were answering the phone. Then "Belly button" where your arm/wrist was to stop. Can't get it out of my head but it worked! I think it's become a secret greeting, "Hello Bellybutton!"

The springs ran back behind us and a short hike would take you to their source, easing up out of the ground. Pure and drinkable after a cooling off period.

Cruising in Balboa Beach

I am back at childhood and college haunts today while walking the fun zone and pier in Balboa. Conjuring mornings waking up after a day of bobbing on surf riders (remember the blue and yellow floats?) and sand in all the wrong places, where your skin still feels hot and your sunburn still smells of Coppertone. Could there be any better way to awaken? Where the very act of getting up rings in good memories and needs to return. Gulls and flying pennants. Fishermen on the pier. Ruby's diner at the end. I'm happy.

Modernism Week Trailer Show 2015

The first Lit-up Vintage Trailer Show night happened this year with great sucess! We finished two beautiful Palm Springs days of blue skies and great clouds, busy tour-ists and actually got in a little walk-a-bout in Palm Springs.Can't wait till next year!

Saw friends and new friends, those I hadn't got a chance to meet but felt I know. Sisters on the Fly and more.

Home tours, Mid Century art and furniture, autos and of course the vintage trailer show. This year our dinner, awards and more was presented right at the show location in the parking lot of the Hilton. I concentrated on the polish (Nuvite polish is wonderful- used for aluminum planes, trailers and more) and my lighting for the awards. Tours comtinued that evening so our "trailer park" was lighted up! Funds from the tours go toward scholarships and promote the Arts. Rob and I were actually married years ago right on the main street in the Original Spanish Plaza, so we get a little weekend Honeymoon as well. Always a plus.

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