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Thinking under the Stars

Posted on August 1, 2016 at 1:40 PM

The night sky in Southern California is a a cooler woman than her daytime sister. Dark skinned,lazily sexy, with a throat pierced of stars. Sprinkled and sparkling. I rock quietly in the back yard at the patio set. The pool pump turns on, spilling water from the spa into the pool. Waterfall noises and I am drifting and relaxing. Thinking about how the things I need to do, want to do and feel I have to do, and then, in the midst of that- I come to a soft quiet place. Of Thankfulness. 

I think about the last year, my wreck, new friends, new adventures, a wonderful therapist that gave me wings back, as I had lost mine. Good thing, (says me husband (in my head) that you didn't loose your marbles like one of the Lost Boys in Neverland. Too late! LOL I think to myself- marbles gone. Replaced with the self defeating idiocies of adulthood. I have so much to learn, but actually, I am finally starting to feel like a grown up. That my super powers have expanded to take in respect for survival, appreciation of family and friends and whimsy. I think you have to mature and then go back and pick that one up. To make it ok with all the "responsibilities". To know that just being in the moment is ok, in fact its rather wonderful. Last, but never least, my mind spun on certain friends who have shown up at just the right time. Muses on the physical plain to help guide me and shake me out of my bad thoughts and self heart hurting behaviors. To help me practice my journey not only with armour but with laughter and strength and openess. To help me believe in myself, my own feelings and truth and my art.

 I want to say to them;

"You help protect me from myself by calling me back to who I should be-"    Jana July 2016

The stars whispered that to me last night and I smiled. The truth of it. You know who you are- thank you.

 I have a wonderful family that laughs and loves and deals. We are a team and we depend on that love to get us thru, but those outside friends who become family in our hearts. They are in a special section,  where I can never say thanks enough and hope I do the same for them. They are gifts for the journey- physically and mentally. I am so glad we recongnized each other- that we are part of the same tribe, and that our paths will continue to converge far into the future. Whoo hoo for rockin ladies!

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