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Thoughts While Walking....

Posted on March 27, 2015 at 10:50 AM

 As I walked Cookie, our dalmation lab mix, in the field across the street I was struck by how clean and crisp the air was. How etched the mountains in their blue distance. How clean the drying field grass was- and, how many foxtails were poking me through my socks! Its early summer, or late spring depending on how you look at things in hot, dry Southern CA. I love that little bit of green that lasts for a month or two around here. Fields that look like great rolling lawns before they have to turn them under for fire protection. 

Little birds flit expertly from tall grasses to sage. Weedy trees try to stretch fingers of branches skyward. Mice and rabbits live here, a little haven from the tract homes encroaching on their lands. Cookie thinks she will catch a rabbit one day. I don't think so but it's amazing to watch her, muscles in motion-full tilt as she runs after them. I think she'd probably wait for them to play if she ever cornered one. No biting, just right up in their faces like she does our cat, Diva. They'd die of a heart attack and then she'd really be confused! Ha.

I call my Dad. I check to see if he's taken his pills, "behaved himself' (that answer is always no)  and tell him I love him. He's 89 this year- Wow. Going strong, except he talks more about his childhood or Korea or WWII. No one can hear me visit on speakerphone out here and I can walk and visit and enjoy the sky.  I can't help but think of him. Of Mom, who's been gone since 89, of my childhood among the orange groves and hills of Riverside. My heart visits climbing trees and riding bikes. endless days in the pool and waterlogged afternoons where we sat at the bottom of the driveway. waitng in suits and towels for the ice cream man, begging Mom for quarters. I think I was lucky to grow up out here when I did. The 60's and 70's. it was busy but still beautiful. You could get to the beach in 40 minutes or the mountains or the desert. The hills were green, the weatjer hot but not insane. The style Mod! The homes mid-century.  Skaters were still new, very West Coast and cool. Surfing, boogie boards. The smell of Bain De soliel and coppertone in the air. Yeah- it was better.

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