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Dancing under the Moon

Posted on May 10, 2014 at 10:45 AM

   Laying awake in the cool night, I am restless and my thoughts are going a million miles an hour. Next week I paint, as a "live artist" at the Joshua Tree Music Fest. What, where, when range my skull. How is what makes it's permanent mark first. The process is something I can concentrate on. The building, the painting, the style. The images almost come after, though there is always that central theme or idea.

   I noticed, in drifting off, having that moment or two of just "building". I often use that to get myself to sleep- creating that dream home, that trailer, that gypsy wagon (newest spurt of interest) As I did so, my heart laughed at what my mind was doing. There was a full moon in my design and I recalled so many, many times of my father taking me outside to see the "ring around the moon" as a young girl. That meant, the elves and fairies were dancing. The gnomes and brownies too probably but not as much. Gnomes are like grouchy old men many times, they don't dance much, but love to watch from the shadows. I, of course, had this on good authority as I did have the Elves & Fairies book, and my Dad of course. Mom helped out with that too- always there with her expertise on building twig homes or sewing tiny blankets and pillows. (If you left them in the homes, they often disappeared- to my delight- I am sure my Mom had something to do with that) I smiled to myself- thinking how I still noticed that glow around the moon if it was there. My art still tends to go in that direction.  I paint mermaids and imaginary realism in so many of my works. I still favor children's book illustration. I still love Peter Pan and The Jungle Book.

( This illustration is from my very worn and official book by the way)

   I know the harsh, hard realities of the world around me. I read it every day. I see it on the roads and in the eyes and on the lips of so many. What a sad sad thing- I think it would be nice to believe in true heroes, chivalry and happy ever afters. I know a couple personally and they make me smile and make my heart proud at knowing them. The world should take notice- we should push back at those who try to take belief in honesty and loyalty away. Those who want to live in death and hate. As simple as a child's thought, we should take back our wonderment- solidly and completely. Throw away the gross, the crude, the war mongers and the whiners. Demand that they change- give them a taste of what they all really want in life. A dance, under the moon.

I know that's not possible, but it's nice to imagine.

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