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Firestarters- Camp fires an easier way

Posted on October 9, 2012 at 12:25 PM

I've enjoyed homemade firestarters in the past such as used dryer lint put into paper egg carton pieces as seen below. These examples are from a blog called Chica and Jo and work great. I've actually used the lint alone too-within the egg carton sections but with no petroleum or wax. AS suggested, they make a great addition to your camping or as a gift

(imagine- dryer lint as a gift! Something you would give your Mom as a child, all the while looking up at her to see her response of "Oh! Thank you!" just as I did when I "cooked" for her as a child- poor Mom!)

Finished! A dab of petroleum down in each one.

 The one I found the other day really intrigued me- all in a mason jar. There is something to be said for it, just looks wise but I must also admit- carrying a glass jar while hiking or camping might not be the best.

Corks soaked in rubbing alcohol- I suppose if you get lost or desperate you could drink the left overs! I'm sure they'd light up really quick though- maybe too quick!

Another idea was found in another blog called Pattern of Life in Wordpress and it was really cute. Rolled paper firestarters filled with aromatic herbs and orange peel. That's glamping!

Her photos are below.

How cool is that?

And- I know, I know! It's about roughing it when you camp. To be Daniel Boone and rub two sticks together but ingenuity never hurt anyone. I'd rather enjoy the S'mores and hot dogs than spend time on my knees blowing at embers or sparks to get something started.  I'm all for natural but it can still be easier. Besides, what a good way to use trash.

"Kindle Cones" from the Glam Camping Company are

" natural pine cones. Their base has been set into a bed of wax infused with bark, spices and cinnamon oil. Light the wick and set amoungst the kindling and your fire will be blazing in minutes."

another version on their site are herb BBQ lighters. Nice!

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Reply Jeanette
1:13 PM on February 20, 2013 
Home made fire starters are just awesome... I love the herbal twist. I've also made them with egg cartons using sawdust! Campfire on... PS - beautiful photography.

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