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Posted on September 10, 2012 at 6:50 PM

 The clouds roll across the edge of the Menifee Valley and I am happy to see them come. It's been months of sweltering heat and temps so high you suck in your breathe like you've been hit as you exit a door into the outside air. I must admit it is still humid to a fault but so much better. Just to get that wet break in the heavens, even if it's rolling thunder and a brief hard downpour, well, it's something.

The studio is cool and dark. It seems almost sinful to turn on the can lights or disturb the quiet calm of the darkened room. I won't. Typing in a low lit studio is so much better with rainy afternoons and Autumn finally coming on. I don't want to disturb anything about it with harsh lights or too much movement.

 I will have to soon enough as I need to cut stencils for my Art Alliance Orange AID orange sculpture. I've painted it finished in my head a dozen times, now it's ready for actuality.

What started as a white fiberglass orange is now sliced and trimmed. Ready for the final touches, floral and more. Bondo and sanding, color and gloss yummy juicy orange slice attached and I'm ready for the final art to finish it. It will be auctioned off in November's Gala for the Arts at Riverside Art Museum.

I wanted to convey that wet and bright color of the slice, that vintage bright look to the florals, like the enamelware I collect.

It's raining again, I am so content with this afternoon. Life isn't half bad.

Addendum; Repainted the orange and delivered for Art Alliance. I am quite happy with it now and feel like it's more what I was invisioning. Called it ,"Slice of Cali"

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