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Halloween Paintings and Christmas

Posted on September 2, 2012 at 11:00 AM

On year, about 5 or 6 ago, I played happily with a new air brush gun and produced some foggy , spooky graveyard paintings on a whim. They sold so quick on Ebay I was over whelmed. Tried some more. Same thing happened. I think I sold over 20 in the month before Halloween.

Now it's becaome a tradition to paint them. My Christmas money is gained. I get this fun, unique opportunity to delve into the lives of not only those with kids or with the hearts of one, (at least about holidays) but to cross paths with a real honest Halloween buff now and then. I even sold one to go to a paranormal investigator and his wife. The story also goes that they were the investigators for the actual Amityville horror house. Kind of neat. Kind of creepy!

 They are not "deep" but fun. Colorful and not really scary. I am happy making them, silently supplying the story I see in each one as I paint. Putting in little hidden things like sleeping bats and spider webs. Sometimes a gargoyle on a roof or a "demon" in the grass. With the kids grown and college age, it's an outlet for that fun we had when they were young. The time as an adult, when you get to be silly again and enjoy being scared and liking candy. With them, and through them you get to enter that Neverland called childhood. I miss that.

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