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Posted on April 13, 2012 at 9:25 AM

  I posted on my front page that I am "reading up" on new adventures. My husband, Rob, would laugh at that. He stated once that I am the biggest "giant ball of twine" tourist that he knows. I go to great lengths to find that odd shop or museum to see or drive that back scenic road that no one knows about. I love all that "stupd stuff" as my Mom would call it. One has to appreciate the people whose ash trays, tee shirts and magnets adorn refrigerators across the globe. Tourist attractions, National Parks and amusment centers. Those that celebrate the odd and make money from the wierd and sometimes grotesque. Festivals and rodeos. Tours of haunted buildings. Love it!

 Each trip I make a book to work from. I love Google Maps and can print out day to day mileage and where we are going. Scrapbooking it with photos and info on reservations, places to perhaps go and see and eateries. 5x7 or 6x8 spirals, they rest next to the front console on the trip - ready for action.

My home has found objects (love anything rusted) and shells in baskets and rocks picked up from camping trips. Reminders of something tangible that brought me memories and joy. 

I think it's the textures that attract me. Funny that it isn't more colors. Considering that I am an artist by trade. Shapes too. Glass. Something small. I am a big grabber of that photo magnet for the side of my frig. A reminder that we adventured and didn't just spend our hard earned monies on bills, gas and taxes.

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