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Artist Roads 

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Our 19 Ft.  1967 Streamline Prince (On the Outside)

New Aquistions

New awning fabric & trim- for my trips alone. It will be about 8x8 ft.

Furnishing the Campsite

Went through both a vintage and new search to find outdoor chairs for the campsite. I loved the Mid Century slated wood group I found- for looks. Really, you must be practical though- it was hard and uncomfortable! Sold them on Ebay  and found these wonderful (matching) folding chairs with high backs. Great around the campfire- work with the aluminum roll up tables I got! All fit with the awning in the shower and with tablecloths and the small round table I painted in an ode to surfboards- I think I'm ready to go!

Here, again, a well spent 20.00 for a helpful gadget. Hangs on my awning post, aluminum like my trailer and it will be so nice to hang a lantern above the BBQ ceramic pig after the sun has gone down. Another Ebay find. Like the LED light that looks like a glass of milk. Lights up in multiple colors and is a fun little show in the darkness of the evenings.

Also got this great folding RV ladder. Fits perfectly on the front fork behind the propane and is so nice to use when putting up the awning. Our first purchase when getting the trailer. Also new rims as the existing were not original, along with new tires for safety (it was told to us that the tires were new- a falsehood- as well as safe, redone gas lines  which had to be fixed and were leaking and more. Hard to take in my world as I don't like liars, though I am still so glad I found my trailer;"Trip")

First Photos at Purchase

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