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1968 Ken-Craft "California Wildflower"

So here she is currently; with paint but no artwork outside. I never thought I'd get to "HERE" so I feel very accomplished though I stil have a bit more to go. My first full restore! Check the following pages for my restoration journey....Ken-craft 2 and 3...

The Beginning

So here it is, the start of the restore of my "California Wildflower".Bought locally,  I called as soon as I saw it & grabbed her up. (So glad as the seller had offers much higher than listing after he accepted my deposit) The fiberglass, the back trunk, the company, as Ken-craft has a good rep for well built trailers, & I feel like this is a keeper. Even the cool rock guard is there. Inside, all original maple and appliances, The floor has been redone but that is to be expected & I will do the same. VCT tiles- for that vintage look, that is after sanding and resealing the entire interior wood.. Look out wrists- you're in for a bumpy ride!

First- removal of all spiders, twigs and old nasty past owners possessions. Now for sanding and reapplying of an oil modified Polyurethane to all the walls, ceiling and drawers etc. I am so glad I can reach the ceilings! Next, when I poop out in between sanding and cleaning, is picking fabrics for curtains, dinette and sofa. Green of course- to match the great stove etc. and what? Travel I guess- thats what she's about. Adventure and travel. I conquer the drawers- clear coat and an interior primer/paint in satin after a thorough clean and sand. Next is the interior, with the insides of closets and drawers in white.

Here you can see the difference between old and newly sanded and stained walls. That was a job! I also took down the metal wood look frames on the windows inside. Years of screws and sloppy hangings ruined them and I got gutsy, pulled them down and replaced them with wood trim.

Water tank replaced, also water pump and all lines. I had Temecula Rv re-run the electrical wiring, just to be safe and Top Notch auto re-ran my exterior lights.

 Now on to fun things i don't even need yet like accessories! (and fabrics for the sofa bed and dinette)

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