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The Physical World and Our Hearts

Posted on December 25, 2012 at 2:10 PM

 I write on Christmas Day while thinking of all those I have come to know over the years through my art and my travels. Internet friends, trailering friends. Family, extended family. Most of us are good loving people. Oriented toward hard work, getting ahead. Love of each other. Moralistic and responsible. Even as we have fires in our lives that burn certain aspects to the ground, we rise, phoenix like to start again. We must, we have no choice. It's what we do for ourselves, for family for friends. We try again.

With all the amazing and wonderous things and people this earth produces, it is so sad, so wrenching to my heart to even read the the titles of articles of the school shootings in Newton, or the loses in the wake of Sandy. To see we are still getting debris from Japan after the Tsunami has been gone these many months and years. What creatures we humans are. Reaching beyond our earth to try to capture the stars and then spending so much energy and hate and hurt to try to kill each other. Why is not obvious to everyone how stupid that is? How much better we are working together for the higher good? Freedom of choice. Two roads- always. I guess that is part of our gift and our learning as we grow and survive here in this physical life. Always a choice to grow or to burn our bridges and stagnate our souls.

I don't have the answers, and I am sure that I am swayed by the fact thaty I was born in a free country. To complain, to rejoice as I wish, to learn and educate myself. Both as a person, and a woman. To react with the response of one raised by conservative parents in a wilder and healthier and a bit more "hippie" California of the 60's. I do think that everyone, everyone deserves this. To be able to have that quest for a better life for themselves and their families. To believe in a future for their children and to believe in the hope and the basis of their country- even if it's not doing so well right now. Because we have changed history for the better in the past, I believe we can do it in the future. I believe that there are simply more of us that are nice, and tough and inwardly strong, than those who are hollow and hateful. We just have to gain our voice and respond in a bigger way. We need to be the crusaders for our next generation, to be examples of giving and work and heart to guide them out of a materialistic and hateful time in our history. To bear the burden in a public way and make sure the truths of what we need to say- sticks.

With everyone fighting on so many levels across our globe, we forget the obvious. That the wonder of science and discovery (at least for myself) only reinstates my belief in a higher being and a higher cause for our place here on this earth. That our capacity to be those amazing creatures that God has given us the tools to be are right here inside of each of us and that we need to stop our whinning and our fears long enough to hear the still strong voice of our spirit. To catch our breathe at the wonder of our universe and to stop a moment to remember that the good does outweigh the bad and that we, as a race, can make it so.

 I think about the New Year ahead and pray for harmony and strength and blessings for my family. For my children to continue to have the chance to better their lives and their futures. For my husband to find health after so many hard years recoving from his accident that almost took him away from me. I close my eyes and wish for doors of opportunity. For windows of love and revelation and for love, just love. Happy New year 2013.

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