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Deer in the Headlights- our limiting fears...

Posted on July 12, 2016 at 11:55 AM

My heart pounds, eyes darting from side to side in my inner self. My fingers wiggle, back and forth. A frantic, fearful countdown to the silent inner dash for safety I feel coming on. The lion in me has become a hesitant and frightened doe and I am about to step out into traffic.

All this because I don't always remember that I am strong. That it's ok to be myself and that I am accepted-that I am a unique soul in a world of lost souls and that I shine--

and what am I fearful of? Can I name it? Most is un-nameable and if I could name it, thenI would see it as it is. A waste of time, a fraud and nothing to be tense and worried about. Just another ghost in Jana's head.

I know this. Realizing my only concern is not of the unknown. Something so many are afraid of, or the approval of others. Of financial or earthly physical things but rather can I ;

Rise to my next best level of myself. 

Will I grow? Inwardly? Outwardly-physically better?

I am still feeling like a deer, but the air becomes less thick. The view more clear. I feel more-solid in my stance. A spirit and an earthling combined.

 I only need to accept what I already know-pull it out in front of me and my scared ghosts of insecurity that haunt me inside.

Let my ROAR become bigger- and my hoof become a paw...

Categories: Life and our Hearts

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