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Pouring Medium

Posted on June 2, 2016 at 11:45 AM

I have a new love. Not a person but a thing. POURING MEDIUM. having caught a video on Youtube by Michele, an artist and her demo (which is concise and fun to watch- so many ramble and don't show you much for the ammount of time viewed), I became enthralled and ordered some on Amazon. That, after a search through Michael's, Jo ann's, Hobby Lobby and other local art supply stores. Liquitex makes it and maybe some other brands but I haven't found them yet. About 30$ for 946 ML (about a pint?) I found I can do around 3-4 canvases with this amount and still have fun. Used in conjunction with acrylics or paint inks/dyes its a fun, and good looking way to get abstraction in your work or with backgrounds, This is how I use it- though a couple canvases have turned out so well with just the medium that I won't touch them.  

"Wave" acrylics and Pouring Medium on gallery wrapped canvas- J Furzer 2016

You lose a cetain amount of control, which is a wonderful thing. You can decide colors or angles to a certain extent but really, they create themselves which i love and then I wait for the canvas to "speak" to me. (Sounds so cryptic) and after a bit, or sometimes right away, I see things in them and I respond to it with what I paint on top.

"See Turtle" Acrylics and Pouring Medium on Canvas. 2016- This is available on Fine Art America.

Or "Octopus"

Also Available in prints. Originals are part of individual patron collections.

I "pour" the mixed medium (mixed with color, either inks or acrylics) from squeeze bottles and tilt and run them at angles and then set them out to dry raised on little plastic cups over plastic. Trash bags  in the case of this photo or a section of plastic roll or painters drop cloth. Afterwards you can burrito up the plastic to throw away or use again. They take about 24-30 hours to dry but so worth it. A nice sheen too. Part of my attraction is the very slight sheen, almost a flat, that my artist's acrylics have against the sheen of the medium. The contrast to me is a plus. I am a big fan of collage too and i can see a relationship between that and my liking the almost cut out feel of the subjects upon the backgrounds. This new series is called "Poured with Life'. (i made that up- LOL)

So here it is- my newest discovery; Go get some and have fun!

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